How To Use and Integrate The Bot Into Your Group

The bot is very easy to use and intuitive. This article will help group owners and users on how to use the bot.

1. Adding The Bot Into Your Group

The bot can be found on telegram by searching “@betloungepvp_bot” or clicking here. You can then click start which will open up a welcome message and other prompts such as /Menu and /Help.

The Menu Prompt will open up the following menu:

Once you deposit funds, you are ready to bet!

2. Fund Your Account

Once you click "Balance", it will give you a create deposit address option. Once you deposit eth you are ready to bet! If you already made a deposit address you can see it when you click Show Balance.

3. Creating Custom Bets For Your Group

If you are a group owner in a group that this bot is in, you can then create bets in any of those groups, they show up as follows when you click “Create Bet”. You then click the group you want to set the bet in:

You can then name the title of the bet:

You will then choose the amount of outcomes:

Once you choose the outcomes, you must name the outcomes:

Congratulations, you have now created a bet!

You can then activate the bet when the time is right by clicking “Activate Bet”, this allows
your community to place bets:

Your community will be notified of all new activated bets!

4. Betting Process

You can see all the bets available for you to bid on by clicking on “Bet” in the /Menu Prompt. You can also click on the community notification above to go to the bet:

While community is betting you can do the /Pool function to see who has bet on what:

5. Closing Bets and Automated Payouts

You can close a bet by clicking “Close Bet” in the menu, this makes it so nobody else can bet on it anymore:

Once the outcome of the bet has been determined, group owners can then input the outcome by clicking “Choose Outcome” which will bring them to a list of closed bets:

You can then choose the outcome:

Once outcome is picked, payouts are automatic:

Your community will then get a notification of the outcome and that payouts have been done:

You can withdraw to any wallet of you choice:

6. Mini Games

We will also be adding a mini games menu with games you can play with your friends in groups on Telegram. The first mini-game release will be poker. More info to be announced!

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