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About Us

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Bet Lounge is a unique community interaction concept that gamifies Telegram group chats through a custom betting bot. We merge gambling, gaming, and financial management in a private social setting, fostering community building and excitement during live events. Bet Lounge allows you and your group to bet on sports, create custom bet pools, escrow, host tournaments and much more at your fingertips.


How It Works

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Bot Integration

It all starts with the bot being added to a Telegram group and made admin. Members can then deposit funds to play with directly on the bot, you will get a private deposit address for your account. Load up your account and you're ready to go!

Custom PvP Betting

Group owners can then use the private dm side of the bot to create and organize the bets. The bot will then prompt the owner to create different possible outcomes of the bet. Once a bet is created, it will show up in your "Created Bets" menu. When you want to start the betting process you can then click Activate Bet. You can also stop the betting process by clicking Close Bet.

Get Rewarded

Once the results are in and the outcome is clear, the group owner can then go into the bot and Choose Outcome. Once the outcome is chosen the bot will automatically pay out the winners. Check you balance!

Frequently Asked Questions

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The bot can be found on telegram, you can search @betloungepvp_bot or click here:

Not necessarily, but we do recommend you do so.

Sometimes this can be due to the conversation flow within the bot. Do the command /cancel to reset the bot. This should work most of the time.

Whenever a bet is activated it will send a notification with a link to the group its in. if you do not see it from the bot, then go to the community link and click from there.

No! We set up the system so you can bet very small amounts without any fee. The only fees you will pay for is deposits and withdrawals. All bets within the Bet Lounge betting ecosystem all happens on a testnet. This is possible because of the fully P2P nature .

Meet Our Team

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Finance & Economics background with 7+ years of experience in Crypto. Worked with multiple 8-9 fig projects and very well connected in the space

Nico Machiavelli

Real estate investor, 7 years experience in crypto, onboarded $100m+ companies into web3, web3 strategist for high end projects

Elevated Oshi

4 experience years in crypto, advisor and team member to multiple 8 fig plus projects,
Alpha KOL and strategist

Tom Bateman
CTO/Product Development

Computer Science MSc, ex 8 year Head of IT, multiple commercial web and solidity contract deployments


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